NuVideo Productions, LLC


founded the company in 1992 in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

Hi-tech icons like Apple and Hewlett-Packard were among its first


In 1994 NuVideo moved to the Northwest and shifted its focus

from hi-tech to hi-touch adding health and human interest

interactive programming to its field of endeavor.

CURRENT PROJECT  “What Happened, Dad? ---The story of a high school football brain injury”  due to be released May 2010.

A documentary about the tragic story of a 3.95 GPA student athlete football player who’s life was devastated by a brain injury from a concussion that went untreated.   It was later determined that Max  was wearing a 20 year old helmet, one of several outdated helmets being used by Waldport High School players.

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In the course of producing the film, Max’s family worked alongside the Brain Injury Association of Oregon to pass Max’s Law, SB348, requiring all coaches to be certified in concussion identification and management.

Unfortunately due to the current economic climate there is no mandatory helmet retirement age , though only Schutt claims a shelf life longer that than ten years.  At the 2009 Oregon Athletic Directors Conference a Schutt representative that Schutt, which are made of the same material as their competitors last as long as “twenty to twenty-five years”.

Here is a 4 minute DVD that was shown in committee hearings.


Classic Telly with Robin Williams

San Jose Ad Club- Best Corporate Newscast

Satchi & Satchi International Reel-Commercial category

and six more Tellys for among others Apple, AT&T, Pac-Tel, GE, HP,

Oregon Research Institute & Oregon Center for Applied Science.

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